Chemical Hearts (2020)

Chemical Hearts is proud, the story about growing up including a sad sentimental and a young lady with a strange past. In view of the novel by Krystal Sutherland, "Our Chemical Hearts" is an excursion of self-disclosure that catches the rushes, dissatisfactions, and disarray of being a young person.

Seventeen-year-old Henry Page has never been enamored. He likes himself a sentimental, however, the sort of once in a blue moon love he's been seeking after simply hasn't occurred at this point. At that point, on the principal day of senior year, he meets a student from another school Grace Town and it appears to be all that is going to change. At the point when Grace and Henry are picked to co-alter the school paper, he is quickly attracted to the strange newcomer. As he learns the disastrous mystery that has transformed her, he winds up experiencing passionate feelings for her or if nothing else the individual he thinks she is.


Lili Reinhart as Grace Town
Austin Abrams as Henry Page
Sarah Jones as Sadie
Adhir Kalyan as Kem Sharma


Page Fifty-Four Pictures .. Banner
Richard Tanne .. Director, Producer, Writer
Alex Saks .. Producer
Albert Salas .. Cinematography
JC Bond .. Editor
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