Murder in the Woods (2020)

Murder in the Woods is fixated on a gathering of school companions who plan an escape to praise a birthday celebration at a forsaken lodge in the forested areas. Against his grandma's requests, Jesse, a maverick sort chooses to go out traveling with his companions. He is promptly stricken with Fernanda, a sweet young lady from Chicago whom he hasn't found in years. She is visiting the area visiting her windbag cousin, who is prepared to commend her birthday and plans to let free with her beau Gabe. Following along, at last, are Jule, the class jokester pothead, and the exceptionally out-of-his-association Celeste. Not long after showing up to the strange lodge in the forested areas, the gathering of teenagers finds the dull mystery it holds, which drives them to battle for their lives.


José Julián as Jesse
Chelsea Rendon as Chelsea
Kade Wise as Jule
Max Chavarría as Kid
Jeanette Samano as Fernanda
Catherine Toribio as Celeste
Soledad St. Hilaire as Nana
Rolando Molina as Jesus
Danny Trejo as Sheriff Lorenzo
Jordan Diambrini as Gabe
Kurt Caceres as Steve


Rezinate Entertainment .. Banner
Luis Iga Garza .. Director, Producer, Editor
Yelyna De León .. Writer, Producer
Nicholas Albert, Anirudh Gattu, Steven Holleran .. Cinematography
Ryan Liebert .. Editor
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