Switched (2020)

'Switched' is a religious film released by Vertical Entertainment.

Cassandra Evans asks that her foe Katie Sharp, the sovereign honey bee of web-based life, might comprehend what it's want to walk a day from her point of view. Her supplication is replied in a surprising manner when they get "Switched". At the point when Cassandra Evans and Katie Sharp wake up to find they've exchanged bodies, the two young ladies must figure out how to acknowledge both the gifts and battles different countenances every day, in school, and at home.


Madeleine Byrne as Katie Sharp
Miya Horcher as Cassandra Evans
Denise Richards as Victoria Sharp
John Schneider as Ken Sharp
Vanessa Merrell
Laurine Price
Nicole Weider


Weider Entertainment, Rekon Production .. Banner
John KD Graham .. Director, Writer, Producer
Alexandra Boylan, Andrea Polnaszek .. Producers, Writers
Richard Galli .. Cinematography
Lex Benedict .. Editor
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