The Disrupted (2020)

The Disrupted dives are deep in the lives of three Americans running tougher than ever, as their region withinside the center magnificence slips away. For a farmer, a manufacturing unit employee, and an Uber driving force, growing profits inequality betrays the American Dream.

What do a farmer in Kansas, a laid-off manufacturing unit employee in Ohio, and an Uber driving force in Florida have in common? All 3 are resourceful, superb thinkers who attempt to evolve and thrive no matter the dehumanizing forces at play withinside the American economy. As the film’s heroes face those roadblocks with courage, sure beliefs stay sacred: own circle of relatives, love, and staying sturdy withinside the face of adversity. Lush cinematography galvanizes an experience of the vicinity and, because the narrative unfolds, the intimacy with the characters consequences in an emotionally wealthy observational drama. Ultimately, “The Disrupted” well-known shows a collective American revel in of economic challenge, own circle of relatives resilience, and the hunt for the motive and dignity of work.


Donn the farmer
Cheryl the uber driver
Pete the laid-off factory worker


Sarah Colt Productions .. Banner
Sarah Colt .. Director, Producer
Josh Gleason .. Director, Producer
Emily Schuman .. Producer
* .. Writer
Tom Bergmann .. Cinematography
Lynn True .. Editor
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