Footprints on Water: When the invisible goes missing

Footprints on Water is a British Indian feature film starring Bollywood actor Adil Hussain, Nimisha Sajayan, Lena Kumar, and British actor Antonio Aakeel in lead roles. Nathalia Syam directing and Neetha Syam scripting for the film. Alakappan doing cinematography who is a well-known cinematographer in South Indian cinema.

The film tells the story of an illegal immigrant in the U.K. who is wildly looking for his missing girl while attempting to keep away from the police. Through this inquiry, the film will depict the lives of foreigners of different identities who show up in the U.K. planning to turn their lives around.

Hussain will play the dad, and Indian entertainer Lena Kumar will depict his significant other, who is the missing young lady's stepmother. Another Indian entertainer, Nimisha Sajayan, will play the girl. Aakeel assumes the role of an Afghani exile.


Adil Hussain
Nimisha Sajayan
Lena Kumar
Antonio Aakeel


Footprints Film .. Banner
Nathalia Syam .. Director
Mohaan Nadaar .. Producer
Neetha Syam .. Writer
Alagappan N .. Cinematography
* .. Editor
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