Raging Fire | 怒火 (2021)

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Raging Fire Chinese action crime movie directed by Benny Chan. Features Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse in the lead roles.
Shan is a hardline cop who has a proven track record of success in difficult cases. When a sting operation is attacked by a mystery bunch of criminals led by Ngo, his old protégé, a bright former cop who once respected and revered Shan, his past unexpectedly comes back to haunt him. However, a blunder three years before landed him in prison, gradually transforming him from a rising star into a vengeful man with a vendetta against everyone who had harmed him, including his former mentor.

Raging Fire movie released on July 30th of 2021, by Emperor Motion Pictures.


Donnie Yen as Shan
Nicholas Tse as Ngo


Emperor Film Production Company, Tencent Pictures, Sil-Metropole Organisation .. Banner
Benny Chan .. Director, Producer
Donnie Yen .. Producer
* .. Writer
* .. Cinematography
* .. Editor

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